Our vision is to create a place of simple beauty where we can nurture our souls by consciously entering into a conversation with nature in our thoughts, our actions and our intentions.  A place where we can enable love to flow freely in unison with the land, its animals, its people and the vast sky above.  Through stillness and observation we find our silence; our nothingness; our oneness… our everything.  We enter the void from which everything manifests.

Spirit of the land, guide me,
Spirit of the sun, enliven me,
Spirit of the moon, enchant me,
Spirit of the rain, quench me,
Spirit of the wind, enfold me,
Spirits of the ancestors, come dance with me,
Spirits of us all, born free,
Spirits of us all, born to be wild and free

Our first event ‘Creating Sacred Spaces‘,  takes place from 31 May to 6 June 2012.